Zahleh 2001


Everything from a '67 SII to a 2001 freelander V6 were present to enjoy a comfortable trek to enjoy the scenery and eat good food and have a great time,
in Lebanon Land Rover Union style

On October 14th 2001
From Zaarour to Zahleh

The last landy exiting the tarmac to enter the great outdoors is Tarek's proud 1967   109 SII 
The convoy snakes around the mountains gaining altitude...
...leaving less air for the hungry carbureetors to breath...time to adjust the airflow.
Meanwhile Samara plays rather than mends (for a change)
while the Range Rovers strut their beauty
Hunger guides us to this great picnic area to eat...
and to digest later in the fresh mountain air
Great Cars, Great view, full stomachs
Too much play leads to a busted rear chassis polybush


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