Xmas Eve 1995


This  was by no means the only xmas eve that we spent off-roading rather than with the family.
It started by a nice off roading with two landies
1-land rover defender (driver Wahid El-Solh)
2-land rover defender (driver Jean Gibran)

By 6:00 PM, Wahid's landy got stuck in a moving sand-mud-water amalgame and kept on sinking in the mud till 9 PM in spite of all the efforts of the other landy to take her out.
10:00 PM
Members of the LLRU started to come bringing with them the camera that took these pictures.
The situation is as seen to your left.
and we were only two persons when this started and working on it till now.
10:45 PM 
2 more members managed to get away from their wives and families to come here and help.
So now we are joined by Alain Rabbath and Criss.
11:15 PM
Cyril has just arrived
ropes got bigger, as all the old ones were already broken.
Several attempts were done.
11:30 PM
...seems that Wahid's landy is getting depper and deeper in the mud.
merry christmas everybody
rain begin to fall
freezing wind
12 broken steel ropes till now ...and counting.
 12:40 AM Patrick arrives in his landy, take heed he says he is about to try his new superwinch

12:50 AM
the superwinch is started...Hmmm
Well, instead of the white sinking landy coming out of the water, seems that the red one is going down with her. (lack of grip to the ground)
So we decide to tie the red landie to the blue one and have them all three pull in the same time along with the 8 tons superwinch !
3:30 AM 
All the spirits went down when we heard the superwinch's cable break. our last hope.
Soon, cold and fatigue began getting on us.
The need for some dry cloth and a hot cup of coffee was urgent and this is just what we did.
4:10 AM
Before we left we took a look at the inside of the landy to see that she too was all soaked up. 
4:15 AM 
Then suddenly Criss has got an idea.
whay don't we call Abdo to bring in his truck. 
The truck can surely pull her up.
6:10 AM
The truck was here allright. But when we tied it to the landy its wheels went turning in place. So abdo (the truck owner) said that we need more weight in the truck. So we took our shovels parked the truck next to the mountain and began filling the truck with earth ! 
7:15 AM
wow a miracle.
The landie suddenly began to rise from the mud.
7:15 AM
It was Alain Rabbath who just found a proffessional lifter that hurried in when he told him the story,the owner of this lifter said that we always should believe in the christmas spirit !
7:20 AM
As soon as the landy was put on hwe feet again, Wahid huurried to crank her in spite of us all saying no.
As soon as the ignition key was turned on, the engin of the landy started just normally and we all drove away home to open the christmas gifts waiting under the christmas trees.
Ho Ho Ho ....Merry Christmas everybody


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