Well, this trip was done with just 2 cars!


The Club wishes to thank M.Jean Gibran  for sending in this report as well as the accompaying photographs.

It was on sunday 11th of october, bright sunshine, 26 degrees of tempertature and it was in the Faraya area of the Lebanon.
People who attended are as seen from left to right:

up: Amine, Rana, Rania, Nagi, Toni (pilot car 1), Criss
middle row: Patricia, Gizèle
sitting: Toni, Elie, Jean (pilot car 2)
taking the picture: Bernard
N.B: you can click on this picture for a higher resolution version of the same picture.

Car 2 : Land Rover Defender
Car 1 : Isuzu Trooper (GUEST)

Nature was very generous with us on this beautiful day and we were entitled to see some of the most beautiful sceens of this area in the Lebanon:


We made 3 stops to take a look at the views.





As for the details of the trip, they'll go as follow:

8:35 AM
The day started with Criss, and Amine tying up the Extra things we needed for the trip.
...And then Elie had to put some air in his tyre before we depart...
(photo courtesy of Bernard Chartouny)
The laws of nature dictates that all off roading days should start by climbing UP.
As the altitude is geting higher the temperature is sure following...
As we reached this cross we met an old 1959 (?) land rover, and the aboriginal people who drove the old landy (next picture) called this cross the "sacred cross"... 
Seems that these are the only vehicules allowed to this holy land...
Just as if the inside wasn't enough jumpy already some preferred to sit on the roof of the car...In this case :Elie.
Unfortunately Elie had to step down as the real off-roading began...
Even for those who thought that we were going to leave Criss down there cause it was him who taught us how to sing  the following song   :"
all the passengers must sing:

El maii yellé taffit el nar
El nar yellé harakit el aasa
El aasa yellé darabit el dib
El dib yellé akal el 'ar'our
El 'ar'our el baadou zghaitour

Diaanak diaanak diaanak ya 'a'r'our

As for those who didn't like to sing they had the opportunity...

...To take some photographs
Like this one for example
But then...  The adventure begins. 
Because sometimes we had to move some big rocks to clear the ways for the vehicules..
and sometimes we just stopped and calculated how we're gonna...
come down... 
But then, cars and humans stop for a little rest of eating and refueling. 

As the others are preparing the food the rest pose for a little sunbath !
If you're not gonna feed Burny, he'll shoot you with his automatic rifle...
As the other car arrives from monkeying around, we all start : eating...
The people down on the floor had more food than the poor souls on the roof of the landy.
"Bring the food up"
As people finished eating everyone sat aside by himself
contemplating nature...
contemplating animals...
contemplating business...
contemplating friendship...


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