Tony's Roll

Lebanon Land Rover Union

Every recovery should have ONE recovery coordinator checking personally every recovery point, angle, rope, clearance, communications, signs ...

from the Lebanon Land Rover Union
recovery booklet page 4

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This day we were celebrting Berny's return from Canada to spend a good day offroading in the highlands of Lebanon .

This trail started at 09:00 in Zaarour.
Sarmad in his white defender was the first to enjoy his new 2 inch hilifting on the muddy slopes

John took another shortcut straight up to the hill proving the performance of his SIMEX "Jungle trekker II" tyres.
Jihad Followed with his Camel Discovery enjoying his ARB front and rear locks...
...with the precious guidance of Majed on foot Jihad used some of the power of his 4.2HSE engine !
Majed had to run several times to keep up with Jihad's speed
run Majed run... One of the roles of the co-pilot is to scout the terrain. But with the speed of Jihad the co-pilot will surely loose some weight
around 11:30 Tony took a hard right turn in the middle of this steep slope
everybody rushed to save the Modified Range Rover from Rolling down. Counterweight Rule. Excellent Team spirit.
Sarmad called for the continuing of the trail. It is already 13:30
John crossed the tilted ditch... Music was so loud in his car that it could be heard hundreds of meters away. Bad habit for offroading. One should be able to hear his engine not Aerosmith !
and then Tony decided to cross the tilted ditch with a fast run uphill !
But again, he turned left in the middle...
When he was stuck in the snow and mud amalgame, we rushed to tow him. The mistake here, is that he was attached on the wrong side of the landy. Tony did'nt check personally at which recovery point his car was attached, nor did the tower ! Click on the picture for details
He should have been attached to the left side to minimise the chances of an eventual roll. There was no chance for the car to slide either. Click on the picture for details
When we finally started to tow, there were'nt even any communications between the towing car and the towed one. So the inevitable happened... (click on the picture for details)
The car rolled with the occupants inside !
As Tony and Manal crawled out of the landy, all the team rushed out to help. If we were in an american movie this car should have exploded 4 seconds after the roll
But, thank God, all were safe. Only the roof of the Range Rover was damaged.
No fuel was rushing out. Only the power steering oil was bleeding out of the landy spotting the snow area in a bloody red color under the car
1, 2, 3 and Go ...
we started to staighten the car
but not all the way
Because we did'nt want landy to continue rolling to the bottom of the valley
and we also wanted to assess all the possible damages
To Roll it back on it feet, we decided to do a controled roll-back. So we attached it to John's defender
And as the team pushed the car
John eased down the ARB rope (blue) very slowly, thus controlling the descent of the car
Slowly, very slowly, the landy landed on her 4 wheels. We started it, and because she carried well her name : LAND ROVER, it started smoothly.
Tony actually drove it home with all the passengers. Today's lessons were a refreshment course to all, reminding us that no matter how veteran you are in offroading, you should never forget the safety involved in this beautiful outdoor hobby, along with the minimum required discipline and the minumum organizational values...