Snow is falling, landies playing, having fun


Snowplaying in the Faraya region

On sunday 9th of january 2000, the land rover union went out for a cold day playing in the snow.

6 Cars were present for this trip: 4 Defenders, 1 Disco, and 1 Freelander (at last !)
The Lebanon land Rover Union convoy on the virgin snow, a premiere for this season
And something new too,for the year 2000, we have a freelander in the line-up now !
But the thrill started when Anthony decides to experiment around with the snow... 
When he doesn't want to go back, a winch is needed to go forward 
...Fadi comes in to winch, knowing that this is not the perfect angle to do that, but what the hell, let's try !
If looks could kill, the defender would have us all dead with its beautiful back looks !!!!!
In the end, hurray Anthony's out (what a lie)
While "Badr's family" is posing for a photo...
Ramzi goes across the bridge
Please note that Ramzi has his wife with him for the first time in a Land Rover Union treck.
seems that Ramzi Wants to try his Warn winch in cold temperatures.
But...where did he attach his hook ? now we know why we have electrical failures from time to time...Huh!
Nadim comes in to try to stop him but ramzi goes on putting himself in deep snow.
Now we have to winch him back...But...
...Beware the ditch...
Snow is falling, landies playing, having fun In the end, as usual we all had fun, in this this white trip and we sure learned a lot about our cars.


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