La Grande Coulée
John Gibran demostrating how the diff-lock works in his landy


Three Landies were present at this trip, all LLRU members.
1- Land rover defender ( Driver Jean Gibran )
2- Land rover discovery (Driver Nadim Samara)
3- Land Rover defender (Driver patrick Farra)

The Club wishes to thank  M. Joe Zeinoun (OUGH)  for the pictures seen in this report.

It was on sunday 28th of april 1999, bright sunshine, blue clear sky, 22 degrees of tempertature and it was in an area known as the "Grande coulée" Kesrouan - Lebanon

As for the details of the trip, they'll go as follow:

8:00 AM
Feeling she was "hot" Nadim decided to take his disco for a swim in this freezing water.
...And to play a bit with the waves
There should be a road here somewhere !!!!
If not, then Nadim will just make one.
Even if he has to pull his disco by a rope :)
9:45 The discovery was joined by...
Jean, in the blue Defender
The defender (if you can see it)  has her own way for playing in the mud
And in the trees, but...
...after the storm, there's always ... a nice green field
Samara (almost 100Kg ! ) having trouble getting down from the roof-rack of the defender.
The offroading continues as our "lunch break" is over...
3:35 PM another defender reports.
This is Patrick making his entry
What about a nice climb ?
OK we had to say.
Haram Patrick, he just arrived we did it for him
Just around this corner there's a big long green field
...See ?
But nobody told us that we're gonna have to cross this lake to continue our trail !
As the last car goes in (and out of course) we hear
John yelling at his defender : 
We ended up the day by doing some exercices to refresh our 4x4 skills

Errr...Can somebody tell Nanou to keep her head IN the car :)


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