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                Stainless Steel Lines
by Nadim Samara

After having lifted my Discovery around 3" (75mm) in the front, and 5"
 (125mm) in the rear, I thought that all that was necessary was to add new
 springs, spacers, and extended shocks. Well, I was wrong. Unfortunately,
 there is not a lot of experience in Lebanon for Land Rover lifting, and
 there are definitely not enough parts for a proper job! Lifting a Land
Rover  that much needs much more attention than that!

 When you install longer shocks, the brakelines that run from the chassis to
 the disc calipers become way too short for the new application. An over
 extension of these rubber lines will make them pop out of their place,
 spilling vital brake oil all over the place. This means that you no longer
 have any brakes, which is fatal!

 The solution here is to get extended brake lines. Since I was in the US at
 the time, I opted for Stainless Steel extended brake lines. These offer
 longer applications, with the same fittings, but come in a durable
Stainless Steel cast that will make them last longer than probably anything else on
 your Land Rover. Plus, they do not expand as you press the brake pedal,
 giving you a more surefooted feel.

 For my particular application, I contacted Paragon Performance
 ( and they were very kind to help me out. Be
 ready to pay for what you get, but do not forget that these should be the
 last lines you'll ever need.

 Unfortunately, there are no Lebanese places that I know of that can sell
 extended brake lines, let alone Stainless Steel ones for Land Rovers.
 Therefore, the best thing is to order them from abroad. They are
relatively  lightweight, therefore shipping should not be too expensive!

 I would like to add that it is very important that you make sure that what
 you are purchasing is of exceptional quality. do not cheat yourself here,
 since any mistake will crash your beloved Land Rover and put you in
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at:
contact any of the specialists mentioned above. Happy Rovering