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                 Lights !
by Nadim Samara

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by Nadim Samara

We have all experienced the dark…and we are all afraid of it! You become a little more brave when
you are comfortably sitting in your Land Rover. With all the off-roading, camping and outdoor
activities I do, I seem to always stay a little bit more than necessary until darkness hovers over me.
That is why I installed auxiliary lighting.

When choosing the lights, I wanted heavy duty, good quality lights, so I excluded all the cheap
products found on the Lebanese market, and set my sights on either Hella, PIAA, IPF, ProComp,
Warn, Lightforce or KC. Well, I opted for the Hellas. This is a company that is used on many
production cars, mostly German, so the quality is unforeseen. I wanted both Fog lights to fit on the
Bull Bar, and Spot lights to brighten my ways fitted on the roof-rack. I chose Hella F-550 Fogs, and
Hella F-3000 Spots. The latter are one of the most powerful, and have a concrete reputation.

I installed 100w bulbs in them, the 550s take H-3 bulbs, as the 3000s take H-1s. Unfortunately, I
have to carry different spare bulb. Fogs should be mounted as low as possible on the vehicle, so as
to get the most of the road, however, you should not mount them too low, since they might hinder
your approach angle, or get filled with water, mud and become useless. I suggest fitting the huge
Spots on the roof. Not only does this permit a more generous amount of road coverage, but it also
helps keeping them clean from muck, and safe from stones, although trees can catch them quite
easily them (install branch deflector wires then...).

I also installed a work-light on the back of my roof rack, it was purchased from Spoiler Center, and
is made in Italy. Same wiring procedures, and it has an external on/off switch.

The electrical work should be left to an expert, although it is very easy to do…simply connect the
ground to a metallic part, (chassis, bull-bar, roof-rack…), and route the other wire to the battery,
put in a switch somewhere in between, and a fuse. That’s all folks!

Now, I should point out that roof-mounted lights are illegal in most countries, including Lebanon,
unless they are covered. All Hellas come with their white, distinctive covers.

It is advisable to check out your Battery, and your Alternator (Dynamo), in order to make sure you
are not sucking all the electrical power from your engine. I had to upgrade my Alternator, and install
a second Battery with an Isolation switch…it’ll come in handy when the winch arrives.

 That should be enough for now…for the double battery installation, refer to the Double Battery System page.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at: