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                 K&N air filters!
by Nadim Samara

 It is s known fact that if an engine breathes better, it will perform better. K&N Engineering has been developing performance air filters for a long time now. Many people swear by their excellent performance, while others are not quite convinced. First of all, I want to clarify to all of you that we are discussing the performance of what is essentially a 1957 Buick small block V8 design. Therefore, as much as you add bolt-ons, you will never have a fast 4x4. What the K&N will do for your LR engine is enable it to breathe cleaner air, and permit you to reuse the filter over and over again, thereby eventually decreasing the cost of replacing it in polluted Lebanon, and carrying spare filters on treks. The principle of the filter is quite simple. The paper filter is meshed in a wire form allowing for more air to enter the engine, as well as blocking all the tiny particles that may end up ruining your engine. The filter may be reused by cleaning it with a K&N "Air Filter Charger System". This consists of a cleaner and a lubricant, with instructions included. After using the K&N filter on my 3.5 V8i, I can safely say that I am pleased with it. I do feel a difference. There is definitely more air coming in, and a small increase in both power and response. As for the efficiency of the engine, I have not realized any substantial increase in mileage, but I may be wrong. Moreover, the engine sounds much better, for those of you searching for that esthetic side of life. For more information, please check out their web page,
For Land Rover applications, try to check out retailers in our links section, they should have the serial numbers for the different engines.
Happy Rovering,
Nadim Samara