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                Land Rover coil spring specifications !
by Nadim Samara

When deciding what kind of springs your Land Rover should ride on, you need to know what
kind of terrain the Land Rover will see.
If you intend to move your Land Rover towards the F1 spectrum, then stiffer springs will
definitely help your cornering ability, as well as your braking.
However, if you intend to get more mud than tarmac under your tires, then you have a wide
variety of setups to care for. Articulation is the name of the game offroad, and Land Rovers
already excel at that when they leave the factory at Solihull. To improve on this, it is best to install
lower rated springs. However, when offroading, you must carry certain vital equipment, which
will weigh you down. Add a bumper, a winch, and certain underbody protection, and you'll be
lower that a Porsche!
Here is were you will meet Hell! You need to find out what is your typical excess payload on
both your front and rear axles. By that I mean that you need to know how much more weight
you'll be carrying in excess of the what already is there. A heavy duty bumper and winch, for
example, will probably set you back 100Kg on the front axle, so you have to take that into
After calculating what the excess weight is, you need to find out what your initial spring rate is.
For my Discovery, it was 175lbs/in for the fronts, for example. Therefore, by installing 285lbs/in,
I almost gained 2 inches of lift, and more carrying capacity for a heavy duty bumper and winch.
You need to find the right rate which will balance out your needs of lift (if any), carrying capacity,
comfort,and articulation.
A very good site for most Land rover spring rates is, where you can see the various genuine
Land Rover springs available to all Defenders, Range Rover Classics, and Discoverys.
More extreme suspension systems can be seen at:
The ideal suspension set up will allow you to benefit from it in the certain way you use your Land
Rover, be it for street racing (you have the wrong car!), offroad racing, rock crawling, camping,

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at:
contact any of the specialists mentioned above. Happy Rovering