Halim Mahboub's Pictures


These pictures were recieved from
Halim Mahboub
from our last trail to FARAYA

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at 08:00 in the morning , the gathering of all the landies of the LLRU
trailstart We head out to Faraya Region
leavingtarmac at 09:30 we start leaving the tarmac
freelandy Today Halim will test his new FREELANDER
disco-articulation.profile and Samara will test some modifications in the articulation... again
disco-articulation hmmmm ... not bad at all
faraway2 and the trail continues...
faraway on and on in the stubborn mountains of Lebanon
defender-and-lebanon the most beautiful thing you can see in these mountains, is of course : a Land Rover, coming from very far away
range-defender-disco or joining the pack
assembly at 14:30 all members of the LLRU gather with their landies for a picture
beholdtheunion seen from a distance, they look like a tribe from the desert ready to ambush you !
posing1 Why is it that the landies preffer to be taken in this same position in all countries ?
meetingtheshpards at 16:30 we start loosing some altitude, heading down to Beirut
gathering2 17:30 we reach the tarmac again
ontarmac 18:00 and run to give our landies a deserved shower.

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