Leon's last trip
Leon's last trip


This was the last time "Leon" comes with us on an offroad
"leon" will stay in our minds on all our coming trips
may he rest in peace

On January 14th 2001
In the Hrajel region

7 members of the Lebanon Land Rover Union gathered to test their new equipment and to renew their skills
- Disco "as is"  (Toni Saad) 
- Defender 110 (John Gibran)
- Defender 110 (Anthony Rouhana)
- Disco "dino" (Nadim Samara)
- Defender 110 (Sarmad Choukeir)
- Series II  (Toni Salameh)
- Disco "Camel trophy edition" (Elias Aoudeh)
Let the fun start
we head off looking for the first snows of this year 2001
But "no no no " Samara is not gonna go on the easy road
He insists on trying his new super swamper tyres
and John tried his specialty too: 
: "climbing verticals"
a defender 110 on a vertical like this, looks like a "fortress" exclaims Salwa !
And then we reach destination : "the snow"
this is great !   trying the landies to their limit
but we want more "trouble" (Sarmad has bought a new WARN 9000)
So decide to take some chances, hopefully somebody will get stuck and we will have to "do what we came here to do" : work out the situation...
And then the landies where forcing their way on a 50cm of snow
Bored of this fooling around Elias decided to take a plunge...
" our visitors " thought that pushing the camel trophy edition disco will do
until the heavy duty boys interfered
and started to rock and roll the landy to free her out, but then, thinking that they were torturing the landy, Leon (the dog) decided to defend her
and he wouldn't stop barking and biting everybody until John gives him a well deserved bath of snow, so Leon flees away.
Leon, the crazy pincher, was hit by a sedan car 2 weeks later and died.
The union presents to his masters (Imad and Lutecia)  the warmest condoleances. 
Even if we wanted, we cannot forget this character.
Alain sits like a thinker  (Hmmmm, have we seen this sculpture before, Mr penseur ?)
Anthony and John got their part of the fun too
until samara get to the black hole
so Sarmad gets his chance to use his WARN after all....
which works really well
and thus we end another day, in the great outdoors of  Lebanon.


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