Very simple.

    If you like off roading AND have a Land Rover vehicle, and you like sharing the Land Rover passion with other club members, then you are most welcome.     

    Scroll down to fill in an application:



Union Disclaimer
It should be noted that The Lebanon Land Rover Union, 
reserves the right to disclaim any member, 
    who publicly humiliate or/and extradite any so-called member 
    who fails to obey the internal regulations of the Union
who fails to obey the tenants of the Lebanese road Code

 who fails to obey the recommendations of the Lebanese military personnel 
    who fails to obey the tenants of Tread Lightly programme 
    who behaves or drives recklessly 
    who drives endangering the lives/cars of others 
    who so acts as to otherwise harm the flora or fauna of Lebanon 


     The Lebanon Land Rover Union Board 


I have read and approved the Union Disclaimer