Independance day
Nothing happened to the landies below, this spaceship is pure fiction


November 22nd is Lebanon's independance day

On monday 22nd of november 1999, the land rover union celebrated in its own way,
Lebanon's independance day.

Four by four in the region of  "Zaarour" up to "Faqra" all of it off the road and the beaten tracks.
Details and photo album following:
More then 16 landies were present at this day.
The road started straight and straightforward !
But the thrill of the convoy was there...
Soon the road started to get narrower and 
...the turns were in place to tell us that the mountains of Lebanon are still the same.
high peaks and the only way to climb is to turn around them..
from time to time we had to tilt the cars to their limits (and ours) to cross ...
..each on his own way.
..each on his own tactics...
each with his own ..colors
STOP sceamed everybody.
as the landy of Jeannot started to slide sideways down the hill...
So everybody huried to insure some counterweight uphill...(We don't want Jeannot to roll down!)
Luckily the situation was controlled and everybody was happy
because they found a place were they can actually JUMP
And we say jump, we mean JUMP the 4 wheels in the air of this yellow 109
After jumping around, everybody gathered for a photo before leaving
What do we do next ?
We go to crepaway and eat. ( as a convot of course)
Arriving there all the cars don't block just the view of crepaway...and what a view :)
But they block the bar too  !
happy independance day everybody
heuhh....?  yeah yeah sure.... independance.
Amine cannot hold himself from laughing after all.


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