Gone Fishing
The fish in this lake thought that this weather will protect them


Fishing in the Cedars

On sunday 5th of December 1999, the land rover union went Fishing !

18  Cars were present for this trip: 12 Defenders, 2 new discovery, 3 Discovery, and 1 Range Rover
The Lebanon land Rover Union convoy on the way to the "ouyoun ourghosh" valley
Fadi 's flat tyre had to make all the 18 land rovers behind him wait for tyre-change.
...All to their cars and on we go again
Hehehe...Grins Eddy as he prepares a ball of snow in his hands to hit Fadi with it in case we don't find the promised "lake" where we are supposed to  fish.
At last, the lake is here, but....it is frozen
No worries says Criss.  We can cut the ice and fish through it...
10 minutes later the whole ice was cracking and we started to fish our dinner.
Snow is falling, landies playing, having fun You won't believe that but look at the size of each fish in this lake...
that's how we ended this beautiful and rather funny day.


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